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Energy - Smart Grid

Smart grid: Bonomi's solutions

Our Grid Management division at Bonomi dates back to 2015, when we acquired OEMB. However, the tradition of the company has more
distant roots: in fact, since the 1960s, its production has concentrated on solutions for energy distribution between 12 and 36 kV, supporting organisations and customers around the world.

Bonomi has focused on innovative, high-performance products: solutions that operate both in the field of traditional systems (singlepole switches, pole-mounted load break switches and medium voltage 24 and 36 kV switchgears and Ring Main Unit) and automated systems for smart grid management.

Smart Grid - Case History

In Latin America Bonomi is an ENEL partner in the development of the «Projeto Telecontrole», which involves thousands of Km of electricity grids in the Brazilian states of Ceará, Goias, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo as well as some cities in Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina.

The automation system implemented allows the detection of the medium voltage network trunk affected by the fault, its isolation and the automatic re-feeding of the «healthy sections» upstream of the network failure.

This procedure is performed autonomously by the peripheral units thanks to the signals coming from the fault and absence of voltage detectors installed in the secondary substations, without any intervention by the central system.

To date, Bonomi has been the supplier of over 11,300 ESG, installed throughout the ENEL area.

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