Custom: engineering and
production to customer service

We design your ideas

We cooperate with the most important multinationals in the automotive and electromechanical sectors. Their R&D office relies on our engineers to develop optimal solutions and improve their processes. Bonomi technical offices becomes the external engineering for precise, innovative and concrete results. We work with a lot of international automotive OEMS and leading companies in the electromechanical sectors. Many of our customers rely upon the innovation of our designers, and skills of our engineers to define their processes. Bonomi’s technical departments provide excellence in design and innovation.

Productive Know-how

Thanks to Bonomi Group structure, we guarantee a unique and highly controlled supply chain.
  • Fusion
  • Molding
  • Blanking and coining
  • CNC and robotic mechanical processing
  • Silicone and epoxy resin injection

Our custom


Electrical contacts and terminals for means of transport.


Active parts of switches, switchboards, switches and substations in noble metals (copper and aluminum and relative alloys).
Insulating coatings and surface treatments in resin and / or polyamide.