Silicon composite

Silicon insulators

Transmission and distribution: a single supplier, for a wide range of solutions

Bonomi is able to supply a complete range of composite insulators for overhead transmission lines (66 – 800 kV) and for distribution lines (up to 66 kV).

Our isolators are made with one shot technology for lengths up to 4 meters and in two shots for longer lengths.

Test and quality

Our composite insulators are made of STF 0010 silicone rubber, a material that has passed various accelerated aging tests, including:
  • 5000 hours according to standard IEC 61109, IEC 62217 and IEC 62730;
  • 30,000 cycles according to IEEE Std 1024;
  • 1000 hours according to IEC 61109 and IEC 62217;
  • 3000 hours under the action of ultraviolet rays according to ASTM G26.
These tests guarantee a long service life and good performance of the isolators, even under extreme environmental conditions.

Types of insulators

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