The smart cantilever

The first Smart Cantilever

OMNIA is the first smart cantilever for railway overhead lines. Its project was completed in 2008 by Bonomi, together with two other Italian companies (GCF and Satferr) that have a long experience in railway, tramway and trolleybus sectors. This synergie was naturally born from the need to give a complete service to the railway traction market by covering all the client’s requests: from the design, to the manufacturing of the catenary system itself ending with its installation.

Technical features

  • OMNIA is made from a bespoke aluminum alloy (Al Si 1Mg 0,9 Mn 0,7 – EN A W-6082 T6 according to EN 586-2). This guarantees exceptional resistance to corrosion, even in difficult environments.
  • Significant weight reduction with fewer components, and less tools required for assembly provide for materially faster installation.
  • Environmentally friendly – Omnia delivers low environmental impact by design, and more cost-effective recycling at end of life
  • General savings, thanks to the speed of installation, lack of maintenance and the reduction in contact wire consumption.
  • Omnia requires little maintenance over its lifetime and it reduces contact wire wear. Enhanced mechanical strength.

Our solutions

Engineering of high speed and traditional railways and of special projects. Components and cantilevers production.