The complete tramway system



Leonardo is the new Bonomi Tramway System that combines the need for architectural integration of the tramway infrastructure in cities, technical innovation and environmental impact reduction in the components of the previous systems in use.

Having ever faster trams creates the need to have double-insulated overhead lines, that are increasingly efficient and guarantee the best interaction between the pantograph and the contact wire. This, for us at Bonomi, means we manufacture components to support the designers, which are technically suitable, aesthetically appealing, and with a low environmental impact.
Leonardo guarantees the use of recyclable materials such as aluminium (used for the cantilevers instead of resin) and steel, relying on a technical research that has led the basic system to adopt extremely useful standard components.

All this makes Leonardo the first example of an integrated system with low environmental impact for urban electric traction infrastructures.

The components

  • Masts;
  • Bonomi cross span in straight track and cornering;
  • knife-switch;
  • lighting;
  • T-Rex tensioning device;
  • street furniture (including advertising banner, seat, waste basket).

Our solutions

Engineering of high speed and traditional railways and of special projects. Components and cantilevers production.