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Load break switches
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Load break switches
ESG matic

Bonomi ESG external switch disconnector is a medium voltage (24 – 36 kV) device that uses SF6 gas as a means of isolation and interruption.

ESG is supplied with a motorized control, but can always be operated manually with the front lever or with the transmission.

Features kVrms 24 36
Rated freqeuncy Hz 50 – 60
Earth industrial frequency insulation test kVrms 50 70
Earth lightning impulse insulation test kVpeak 125 170
Insulation test on industrial frequency disconnection kVrms 60 80
Insulation test on sectioning kVpeak 145 195
Thermal current A 630
Breaking capacity A 630
Short time current at 1 sec. kVarms/peak 25/65
Making capacity kApeak 40
Mechanical endurance M2
Electric class E2
Protection degree IP54

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