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Solutions for the electrification
of light rail overhead lines


Bonomi for Light Rail

Bonomi also supports clients in the engineering of metro, tramway and underground lines. Leonardo is the new Bonomi Tramway System that combines the need for architectural integration of the tramway infrastructure in cities, technical innovation and environmental impact reduction in the components of the previous systems in use.

The mast

The cantilever

The lighting

The knife-switch

The street furniture


“Harmony and balance. City administrations are increasingly striving for this. In today’s scenario, it actually comes up a greater attention towards the public transport with electric traction, more careful to deal with the environmental pollution and, consequently, the general quality of urban life. In addition to this, proposing systems of “infrastructural furnishings” with a coordinated design and at the same time connotative of a city identity seems to have become increasingly urgent.
The Leonardo light rail integrated system originates from the need to provide a complete and at the same time flexible set of technical and infrastructural elements that can also configure an urban furniture system of industrial production able to satisfy many of the conditions for the inclusion of a public transport system in the variegated urban fabric of the contemporary city.”

Prof. Aldo Aymonino

Our solutions

Engineering of high speed and traditional railways and of special projects. Components and cantilevers production.