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Made in Italy since the 1920s

Pioneers in the production of composite silicone insulators

In the 50s, Rebosio was among Europe’s first companies to introduce Teflon for the production of insulators, as an alternative to ceramics and glass.

The 80s saw the standardisation of raw material: SILICONE HCR/LSR.
Both of these solutions undergo a high temperature vulcanization (HTV) process.

Technical features

  • Through adequate mechanical compression, intimate contact has been obtained which guarantees the mechanical seals required by international standards.
  • Chemical stability of the roof;
  • Electric field control;
  • Hydrophobicity of the cover;
  • Our silicone also guarantees mechanical and electrical stability over time, resistance to environmental pollution, erosion and trace;
  • The high quality of the Bonomi mixture allows to keep the insulator’s water-repellent property constant over time.

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