Who we are

Since 1928 Bonomi’s production units are specialised in the engineering and production of solutions to support electrical conductivity and insulation. Our particular expertise lies in the railway, energy and custom sectors. Over the last 10 years’ the group has broadened its product base and expertise by acquisition, establishing itself as an international market leader.


We are committed to developing technical and productive skills in the sector of electrical conduction applied to the world of rail, energy, electromechanical and custom.

We work every day to set the standards in a context of continuous infrastructure growth and to oversee the whole supply chain (from engineering to the production of every single component). We ensure high quality certified raw materials, a very high technical know-how and a high flexibility in terms of customization.


Our key success factors are know-how, technical specialization and our production flexibility.

We cultivate talent, invest in research and development and allocate every year part of our turnover in the renewal of our plants.

Our history

'900 - The beginning

Start of the production process for taps and valves by Serafino Bonomi.

1920 - EB Rebosio

Foundation year of R.I.E., now Rebosio.

1928 - The foundry

Conversion into a foundry for non-ferrous alloys.

'50 - '60 - Electromechanical department

Start-up of the electromechanical department Bonomi specialized in components with application in electrical conduction. In the same period, Rebosio is among the first manufacturers in Europe to introduce silicone composite insulators.

'70 - '80 - Railway department

Bonomi Eugenio SPA enters the rail sector. Rebosio increases silicone composite insulators production.

1999 - New production site

Bonomi Eugenio SPA production site moves to Montichiari (the current company headquarters).

2002 - Group

Bonomi aquires Rebosio Srl.

2008 - OMNIA

Bonomi (in collaboration with GCF and Satferr) design and produce OMNIA, the first smart cantilever which has now been approved in Italy and UK. Joint venture starts with the Chinese company Bao De Li.

2011 - Turkey

EB Rebosio opens a production facility in Turkey.

2012 - Isoelectric

Isoelectric becomes part of the Bonomi Group , adding additional production capacity through its plant in Brazil.

Productive Know-How

We have the know-how of different technologies and materials.

The structure of the group allows us to transform silicone, resin and
non-ferrous alloys, ensuring a unique and highly controlled supply
chain. In this way we are able to offer extremely cost effective
solutions and timely responses to the clients. Moreover,
in Bonomi we invest every year to have the latest generation plants.

Internal production:

  • Casting

  • Hot forging

  • Blaking and coining

  • CNC and robot machining

  • Silicone and epoxy resin injection

Test rooms

Mechanical, chemical and electrical
We undertake the following functions in house:

  • dimensional checks with electronic systems

  • hardness checks

  • roughness checks

  • galvanic coatings checks

  • mechanical tests of traction, compression, flexion and torsion, also combined with thermal cycles

  • fatigue tests

  • electrical, insulation (industrial frequency and impulse) and partial discharge tests

  • ageing test in salt fog chamber and/or in thermostatic chamber