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ESG Matic

ESG-MATIC is the new medium voltage disconnector 24kV – 630A from pole, insulated in SF 6 for OEMB outdoor. It is the evolution of ESG, OEMB’s standard and best-selling IMS. The ESG Matic includes 3 current transformers (LPCT) for measurements, with programmable control logic and automatic intervention.


The ESG outdoor switch disconnector is a medium voltage (24 – 36 kV) equipment that uses gas SG6 as a means of isolation and interruption.


The Pole Mounted Circuit Breaker is a compact medium voltage substation for 24 kV overhead lines, consisting of the following equipment:
  • a switch unit
  • a line disconnector associated with an earthing switch on the arrival side
  • an additional earthing switch placed on the departure side of the appliance

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